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BLOODchip Service

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BLOODchip Service is the blood group genotyping services offered by the Grifols Reference Laboratory. The Reference Laboratory is based in Medford, Massachusetts, USA and it offers services to customers across the world.

DNA-based testing has proved to be an extremely effective technique that can provide advantages over current serology techniques.

BLOODchip Service is a practical and efficient way to conduct blood group genotyping. No investment or minimum number of samples is required, simply send your samples to the Grifols Reference Laboratory. 

The Service is part of the BLOODchip® product family and it is indicated to those laboratories that:

  • Are interested in blood group genotyping with minimum investment
  • Need to solve challenging cases requiring in depth genetic studies
  • Need customized solutions

BLOODchip Service provides laboratories with:

  • Tests with the complete BLOODchip®  product portfolio and the latest sequencing technologies
  • Assistance and scientific support for challenging cases
  • Assay design based on customer needs and requirements
  • CLIA certified assays

The Grifols Reference Laboratory is CLIA* certified and CAP** accredited laboratory.

Assays available:

Reference Service
9007791 BLOODchip ID CORE XT Analysis
9007792 BLOODchip ID HPA XT Analysis
9007636 H Phenotype Analysis
9007417 ABO Antigen Analysis
9007418 RHD Zygosity Analysis
9007414 RhD Antigen Analysis
9007420 RHCE Antigen Analysis
9007633 Minor Antigens I Analysis (Kell, Kidd, Duffy o MNS)
9007634 Minor Antigens II Analysis (Diego, Dombrock, Colton, Cartwright o Lutheran)
9007635 Custom Sequencing Assay Development
9007637 Service STAT processing
9007606 DNA extraction

* CLIA: The US federal regulatory standard establishes Clinical Laboratory Improvement Amendments to ensure accuracy, reliability and timeliness of test results performed in humans.
** CAP: College of American Pathologists


  • 29 May, 2015

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