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ID CORE XT is a fast and effective solution for molecular typing of 37 red blood cell antigens, designed and manufactured by Grifols*.

Recently, DNA-based testing has proved to be an extremely effective technique that can, in certain situations, provide advantages over current serology techniques.

Within BLOODchip® ID Line, Grifols offers ID CORE XT, an innovative blood group genotyping assay that detects 29 polymorphisms determining 37 red blood cell antigens. The kit is based on Luminex™ Technology, resulting in a highly reliable and accurate system.

A unique accompanying software (BIDS XT) is offered to assist you throughout the genotyping procedure and to manage the data.

BLOODchip® ID is the fastest and most effective solution for ensuring the safest transfusion therapy for your patients.


  • One multiplex PCR
  • No filtration required
  • Only 4 tubes to pipette


  • < 4h overall time from DNA to result
  • 30 min hands on time


  • From 1 to 96 samples per run
  • ID CORE XT and ID HPA XT can be performed in the same run

Its main applications include, determining the presence/absence of blood groups in chronically and recently transfused patients, screening routine donors, and selecting compatible donors. BLOODchip® ID helps you to provide better matched units to improve patient care.

Blood groups Alleles assayed Phenotypes (antigens)
RhCE RHCE*ce; RHCE*Ce, RHCE*cE; RHCE*CE, RHCE*CeCW, RHCE*ceCW, RHCE*CECW , RHCE*ceAR, RHCE*CeFV, RHCE*CeVG , RHCE*cEFM, RHCE*ce[712G] , RHCE*ce[733G] , RHCE*ce[733G,1006T] , RHCE*CE-D[2, 5, 7]-CE, RHCE*cE[697G,712G,733G] ,
C (RH:2), E (RH:3), c (RH:4)
e (RH:5), CW (RH:8),
V (RH:10), hrS (RH:19) 
VS (RH:20) , hrB (RH:31) 
K (KEL:1), k (KEL:2), 
Kpa (KEL:3), Kpb (KEL:4)
Jsa (KEL:6), Jsb (KEL:7) 
Kidd JK*A, JK*B, JK*B_null(871C), JK*B_null(IVS5-1a)   Jka (JK:1), Jkb (JK:2) 
Duffy FY*A; FY*B, FY*B_GATA, FY*B[265T]_FY*X  Fya (FY:1), Fyb (FY:2) 
MNS GYPA*M, GYPA*N, GYPB*s, GYPB*S, GYPB*Mur, GYPB*deletion , GYPB*S_null(230T) , GYPB*S_null(IVS5+5t) M (MNS:1), N (MNS:2),
S (MNS:3), s (MNS:4) 
U (MNS:5), Mia (MNS:7) 
Diego DI*A, DI*B  Dia (DI:1), Dib (DI:2) 
Dombrock DO*A, DO*B, DO*B_HY-, DO*A_JOA-  Doa (DO:1), Dob (DO:2) 
Hy (DO:4), Joa (DO:5) 
Colton CO*A, CO*B  Coa (CO:1),Cob (CO:2) 
Cartwright YT*A, YT*B  Yta (YT:1), Ytb (YT:2) 
Lutheran LU*A, LU*B Lua (LU:1), Lub (LU:2) 


The kit is offered in a 48 tests/kit size.

*Note: ID CORE XT is manufactured by Progenika, a Grifols company

ID CORE XT complies with the Directive 98/79/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council on in vitro diagnostic medical devices. CE Mark Certification.


  • 29 May, 2015

    BLOODchipID Blood Group Genotyping Download (3.99 MB)