Gri-fill® 3.0

Semi-automated compounder

Gri-fill® 3.0 is designed to advance efficiencies and quality during the preparation of compounded sterile products. Gri-fill is compact, simple to install, and easily adaptable to a variety of compounding workflows.

Key Benefits
  • Accuracy and precision facilitated via the volumetric pump
  • Reduced risk of microbial contamination
  • Enhanced sterility assurance when used with Gri-bag®
  • Traceability of compounded doses
  • In-process checks and validation
  • Reduced risk of staff exposure to hazardous drugs
  • Reduced risk of repetitive stress injuries
Ease and Efficiency
  • Automatic filling system
  • Easy connection of sets and containers
  • Lightweight, low profile design fits inside standard laminar airflow hoods or biosafety cabinets



  • Drug reconstitution with diluents of choice
  • Adaptable to different source and final containers
  • Dosage volume ranges from 2 mL to 3000 mL
  • Custom labeling
Gri-bags are sterile, disposable nonpyrogenic bags for the preparation and administration of parenteral solutions.
When used with Gri-fill®, 100% of every dose passes through the sterilization filter incorporated in the bag.
Sterility is maintained within the closed system and is confirmed by a documented Integrity Test.
Gri-fill® sets provide a closed, needle-free system and reduce risks of cross contamination.
Optional sets
Fleboset® Multiple Gri-fill® 6 to 1 sets connect up to 6 vials of the same drug and concentration to create a single pooled container.
Set Gri-fill® 3.0 Multiples reconstitute and dose up to 6 vials for uninterrupted compounding.

Quickpin uniquely designed mini-spike reduces coring and optimizes speed and volume of withdrawal or addition of fluid.


  • 25 Jul, 2016

    Gri-fill® 3.0 Grifols Brochure Download (315.53 Kb)