StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet

Secure access solution for the control of surgical supplies using RFID




StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet, real time traceability

StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet is the best way to ensure control and real-time tracking of high cost surgical products

Secure access solution for the control of surgical supplies  using RFID.

StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet automates critical tasks of inventory management in highly complex environments, including inventory management (stocks, batch, expiry), assignment to patients, data capture and replenishment orders

Technology focused on clinical care in highly specialized environments

RFID technology allows real time inventory control without adding to the workload of nursing staff. The exact location of surgical products can be known at all times

Healthcare management financial tools

The system collects data on access and use of materials and surgical supplies in order to optimize stock levels and reduce loss


  • Removes control costs for product expiry dates
  • A clear picture of the inventory with no extra workload
  • Complete traceability of stock movements per user

StocKey® RFID Smart Cabinet